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Step into the heart of DCB Digital – where our story is a reflection of us, We are Derek and Courtney, a dynamic duo who took a bold leap from the corporate world to carve our own path. Our journey is not just a narrative; it’s a personal touch that defines the very essence of DCB Digital.

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We are a results-focussed digital marketing agency

The DCB Digital Team

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Derek Burden

Co-Founder | SEO Director

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Courtney Burden

Co-Founder | Creative Director

We are a hands-on digital marketing agency

At DCB Digital, we are more than just a specialised digital marketing agency; we are your dedicated partners in success. With a keen emphasis on delivering increased traffic, quality leads, and boosted sales for your business growth, we pride ourselves on a values-driven approach. Our commitment goes beyond mere numbers – we bring a personal touch to our strategies, ensuring a customised experience that resonates with your unique brand. No fluff, just impactful results, with a personal touch that sets us apart.

Digital Marketing agency

Embarking on a journey with DCB Digital means embracing a set of core values that define who we are and what sets us apart in the dynamic realms of SEO, digital strategy, social media, and web design. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our meticulous SEO practices, bespoke digital strategies, engaging social media mastery, and visually stunning web designs. We stop at nothing to deliver exceptional results, and it’s our unwavering dedication, innovation, and personalised approach that distinguish us from the competition.

Holistic digital strategy

Web Design: We blend aesthetics with functionality for impactful websites.

SEO: Let us optimise your online presence for higher rankings.

Website Redesign: Refresh your brand with our redesign services.

Website Maintenance: Keep your digital assets secure and adaptable.

Digital Marketing: Maximize ROI with our strategic campaigns and social media management.

We keep
it simple


At DCB Digital, simplicity guides us. We cut through digital complexities, providing clear and effective solutions. From user-friendly web designs to straightforward SEO strategies, we prioritise simplicity without compromising impact. Our commitment extends to redesigns and maintenance, ensuring a seamless digital journey for our clients.

No shortcuts

At DCB Digital, we meticulously craft your digital success story with a dedicated team. From seamless web design to navigating SEO intricacies, our step-by-step approach ensures precision. Whether through redesign or proactive maintenance, each phase is marked by careful consideration and attention to detail.

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